Showcase Over 60 Tournament – Schedule, Stats & Roster

The Tournament will begin Thursday, August 12th.  Games will be played every subsequent Thursday in August and conclude with consolation and championship games on Thursday, September 2nd.  

Here is the schedule. If you have any questions please contact Doug Romanski at or John Gatt at  

Over 60 Showcase tournament — Schedule

12-Aug9:00Bench Pub 3Free Agents 4
10:00Rockets 2Lovers Lane 2
11:00RPD 0Killer Bees 2
19-Aug9:00Lovers Lane 2RPD 1
10:00Killer Bees 3Bench Pub 1
11:00Free Agents 4Rockets 4
26-Aug9:00Rockets 3Killer Bees 4
10:00Free Agents 1RPD 4
11:00Bench Pub 1Lovers Lane 6
2-Sep9:006th Bench Pub 15th RPD 6
10:004th Rockets 53rd Free Agents 3
Chmpshp11:002nd Lovers Ln. 4 (3in SO)1st Killer Bees 1

Lovers Lane wins in a Shoot out.

1KB’s 33006945


Rules for subs:

  • If a team is minus one player there will not be a sub.  They will be required to play with 3 (instead of 4) defensemen.
  • If a team is minus more than one player, the first player will not be substituted for. In the case of any additional players missing the captain will contact Doug Romanski (248- 207-1610) or John Gatt (248-924-4121).

Team Rosters
Bench Pub
1Doug Morrison Capt
Mike Carlton
Mike Sulla
Gary Addley
Bob Jones
Alex Wassell
Mike Norgren
Ron Walk
Gary Kuch
Chris Lochkos
Dan ReiterG
2Plymouth Free Agents
Dennis Lapansee
Tom TooheyCapt
Dave Milan
Earl La Fontaine
Mike Cleaver
Jim Amo
Pat Pinkowski
Tom Stimmell
Matt Stoney
Jim Hudzinski
Rick SnellG
3Red Rockets
Mike Butka
Jack Jenereaux
George Gilan
Dan ClayCapt
John Range
Gordie Bowman
Bob Lorion
Len Swartz
Bob Tenaglia
Bob Kelly
Michele HaynesG
4Lovers Lane
Mike Bartos
Bob Regan
Ray Matthews
John Ronayne
John Gatt
Mike Ouellette
Pat Moritz
Bob BudlongCapt
Chris Best
Russ Baumann
George FortisG
Bill Marken
Doug RomanskiCapt
Peter Kurak
Chuck Nebis
Gary Swain
Al Szczepanik
Joe Laginess
Mike Votta
Bob Bolton
Tom Hemming 
Bob FenechG
6Killer Bees
John Sheppard
Mike Jackson
Rich Felton
Bob Gustin
Paul Wells
John WilsonCapt
Paul Richardson
Bill Bracken
Bonnie Springstead
Mark Pickelhaupt
Steve BruceG