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Silver Sticks Drop-In hockey — Summer Schedule

During the month of July the VIC (Victory Ice Center — formerly the Arctic Pond Arena) has a number of youth training programs.  So several of our ice times have been moved up.
Here is the July schedule:

July 3 & 6 = 9:00 to 10:20am 
July 10, 13, 17, 20 = 8:00 to 9:20am 
July 24  = 8:30 to 9:50am
July 31 and August 3 = 9 to 10:20am 

Unfortunately the VIC management has made the decision to raise the ice fees going forward.   During  July and August the ice fee will be $14 per skate.   We will offer free donuts, coffee, juice and pop.  

We will move back to the PCC Arena on Tuesday, August 7th.   
And the ice fees will go back down. 

I am looking into and testing a new online sign-in system 
called Bench App.   It will allow for online sign up ahead of time and allow players to get to the arena at a more reasonable time and be assured a spot to play.  Of course….if you sign up you must show up or be charged for your spot.  Everyone must check the system on a regular basis and will know who’s signed up and if the roster is filled.  

If any of you are familiar with it, give me your feed back.   During the testing period, we will still have the regular sign in sheet.  If you receive a notice from Bench App ….. go ahead and create an account and sign in.  That way we can get a a feel on how it works.
You still must get there 
early to sign-in during this trial period.  

Summer Drop In Hockey – June hours are 9:00am – 10:20am
We will be at the VIC every Tuesday and Friday…. through Friday, August 3rd
We return to the PCC on Tuesday, August 7th.
The VIC arena is on Plymouth Rd. next to Blackwell Ford

Drop In Hockey players… We take up to 30 skaters and 2 goalies.   Sign in starts at 7:30am.
The drop in is designed for players age 50 and over.   No player may sign another player in.
All senior players take precedence over any younger player.   If there is space available then a younger player may play.   If a senior player arrives and a younger player is already on the ice the younger player will be asked to give up their space.
Remember to respect the other players on the ice.   Rough and aggressive play is not acceptable.   Give the other player some space …. the famous “18 inch rule.”   Play safe and in control.    Thank you all for your cooperation and support of our Silver Sticks Drop In Hockey.

A fellow hockey player sent me these rules from another drop in league…..
also applies to us….
Rules:  No dangerous play is allowed.
No body checking, pushing, elbow, slash, hook, chop, trip, NO DANGEROUS PLAY.  This is not league hockey; it is recreational hockey with lots of skating, passing, etc.
No puck or ice hog is allowed, pass a lot….skate hard & fast & get off the ice at the buzzer.
No slap shots especially with people in front of the net.
No retaliation is allowed.
If there is an injured player, please stop the play immediately.
Do not abuse the goalie. No chopping at the mitt or blocker after they smother the puck.
Let the defensive team take the puck over the blues after a goal, off sides, puck out, or goalie smother the puck.
If there is a problem between skater’s, please try to be adult & nicely talk to each other, or please see me or whoever is organizing the skate. Let’s play fun hockey, never play anyone too hard & give novice skaters a chance to touch the puck.


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